Do you oil cleanse?

I know advising you to clean your face with oil seems counter-intuitive. It works and works well to remove makeup, impurities, and nourish your skin. I’ve been oil cleansing for years! Every time I think I’ll try a new product; I always return back to this method. The recipes are simple and you make your recipe to fit your skin needs. All you need is your oil recipe and a very warm washcloth. There is no need for expensive cleansers; save your money for something else like a fabulous tube of lipstick!

Cleansing Oil Blends

Oil Cleansing Recipe for Oily Skin
30% castor oil
70% sunflower oil

Oil Cleansing Recipe for Acne Prone Skin
20% castor oil
40% sunflower oil
40% grapeseed oil

Oil Cleansing Recipe for Normal Skin
20% castor oil
80% sunflower oil

Oil Cleansing Recipe for Dry Skin
10% castor oil 
30% sunflower oil
60% avocado oil

Oil Cleansing Recipe for Aging Skin
10% castor oil
10% sunflower oil
40% evening primrose oil
40% rosehip seed oil

Combine all ingredients and put in a container of your choice. I use the oily skin recipe for my morning cleanse and the aging skin recipe at night. I hope you try one of the recipes and get clean results!


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