Daily Essential Oil Nail Treatment (DIY Recipe)

If you are a natural nail gal then this recipe is for you! Homemade nail oil is easy to make and very beneficial to your nails. Keeping cuticles hydrated and healthy leads to harder, faster growing, and well-maintained nails. I use Majestic Pure essential oils and am not paid to mention them.

2 tablespoons Vitamin E Oil or carrier oil of your choice
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Myrrh
10 drops Lemon

Mix the ingredients together in a dark bottle with dropper and store in a dark spot. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours to allow the mixture to synergize. To use, rub on fingernails and toenails each night before bed.


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  1. I have used this same recipe before. I used a roller bottle instead of the dropper bottle. Just thought I would leave that as a suggestion to your readers.

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