What is Dermatillomania? Here are my 4 best tips to tackle your disorder.

For years now I have been picking at my skin. I do it privately, in bed when I’m falling asleep, and in front of people. The urge hits when I am anxious, feeling bad about myself, and to provide a sense of relief and comfort. I know; it sound strange to comfort yourself by picking at the bumps on your skin. I wasn’t until one month ago I decided to discuss my disorder with my physician. I cried and felt an overwhelming amount of shame. I showed her the scars on my legs, upper arms, and back. The scars are ugly; some are old and some new.

I wasn’t even aware this was a disorder much less had name for it. I want to share with you a wonderful link here. Skinpick.com will provide you with lots of valuable information. After visiting this site I put a plan into action. My physician and I changed my anti-depressant to Lexapro and it seems to be working.

Here are my 5 best tips to help you conquer Dermatillomania:

  • SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN – Schedule an appointment with your physician and have an open and transparent visit with him/her. Make a list beforehand, so you don’t miss anything. See if an anti-depressant is right for you or if you need to make a change to your current prescription.
  • SEEK OUT SUPPORT– Talk with a close friend or family member about your condition. Just as with your physician be open and transparent and lean on them for advice and support without judgement.
  • SET UP A NEW SKINCARE REGIME– Creating a daily or weekly routine to care for your skin creates a level of self-care and self-appreciation. Start with exfoliating two to three times a week with an exfoliating glove. Purchase a lovely pump body wash, apply to your glove and gently scrub your entire body. Immediately after showering apply emollient body lotion all over. I use this Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy, and it works wonders to moisturize my skin. This lotion is packed with moisturizers, vitamins, and aloe to help nourish and soften dry, problem skin. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and helps give your skin 24 hours of hydration. On the areas where I get bumps (back of arms and legs), I use Amlactin, it contains powerful Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy to gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate rough, dry skin and it is incredibly useful in those areas. Mind you; you can use this product is great all over as well.
  • FORGIVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, AND REPEAT – I believe we all have issues and deal with them differently. It’s okay to suffer from whatever is going on; the key is to reach out and find solutions, support, and self-love. You’ve got this!

There are still times I catch myself starting to pick at something on my body and I immediately stop and redirect. My mindfulness to not pick is now a daily process and believe it or not it is getting better! I love making my skin a priority and I am looking forward to seeing these ugly marks fade away! I hope this article helps just one person!

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